International and Comparative Law Journal

The Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal (CICLJ) is an online publication, founded in 2010, that serves as a forum for debate and exploration of international law issues. It also provides students with the opportunity to refine their research, writing, and critical-thinking skills to create articles.

Our Mission

The Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal (CICLJ) recognizes the increasing importance of international law in legal practice and academia. CICLJ is dedicated to publishing articles by scholars, practitioners and students to provide perspective vital to shaping our legal and social environment.


To have an article considered for publication in the CICLJ, please email it to us at InternationalLawJournal [at] creighton [dot] edu or submit it via ExpressO. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word (1997 version or later) or rich-text format (*.rtf). For citations, please follow The Bluebook.


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2014-2015 CICLJ Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Hoken Aldrich
Executive Editor: Claire Reyes
Lead Article Editors: Isaiah Ang, Kimberly Jeter
Student Article Editors: Molly Carmody, Alexis Wright
Student Writers: Zach Lutz-Priefert, Megan Lutz-Priefert, Isaiah Ang*, Molly Carmody*, Claire Reyes*, Tab Berger, Hoken Aldrich*, Franklin Wilkerson, Erick Bohm, Daniel Cummins, Bradford Barker, Justin DiBona, Juffrey Kunz, Kim Jeter*, Alexis Wright*, Tonya Whipple, Jared Stensrud, Nick Lesiak

*indicates board member