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Developing the next generation to respond to those in conflict.

The Werner Institute, Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, Creighton University

Conflict exists. Between individuals. Within families. In our homes and in our workplaces. In our local communities and in the world at large. Conflict is often seen as a negative. But the Werner Institute believes in looking at conflict and asking, “How can we productively engage in conflict to inspire innovation and creativity?” 

Our Mission

The mission of the Werner Institute is to provide the highest quality education in negotiation and conflict resolution. 

Our Degrees and Certificates

Why study conflict resolution? Great question—with many great answers. One reason: Conflict resolution is recognized as a key competency within almost every professional role. We offer:

M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (M.S. NCR)—M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (M.S. NCR) this interdisciplinary degree program is offered online as well as at the Werner Institute, located in the Creighton University School of Law. 

Graduate Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – learn the core principles of conflict management, negotiation, and conflict resolution in as little as eight months. Choose from the on-campus or online certificate options.

Dual degree options: You can combine our M.S. NCR with one of these programs of study at Creighton University: 

Your Future

Our alumni will tell you: When you complete your studies at The Werner Institute, the career opportunities are many and varied. 

Stay in Touch

The Werner Institute is active and engaged. Keep up with us through:

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