Mentorship Program

Creighton University School of Law Mentor Program

At Creighton University School of Law, we offer a formal mentoring program that matches second and third-year law students to local attorneys and judges based on shared practice interests. Throughout the year, student participants are able to benefit from the wisdom and experience of someone who is already where the student wants to be. Throughout the Mentorship Program, students will learn about the opportunities and challenges of a legal career, advice about law school, and the opportunity to experience unique observation opportunities. Registration for this program begins in the Fall.

Goals & Objectives

  • Create a mentor-mentee relationship that will assist in the training and preparation of our next generation of attorneys to exemplify the highest ideals of our profession.
  • Provide students with both an experiential window through which to view professional obligations in the real world and exposure to the diverse spectrum of work that licensed attorneys and judges encounter on a day-to-day basis.
  • Create opportunities for students to engage in conversation with mentors and peers about professionalism, the practice of law, and observations made through their mentoring experience.