Dean’s List and Honors

Full-time students who rank in the top 10% of their class for the semester are on the Dean’s List and receive letters informing them of that honor. Students must be enrolled for at least 10 hours of graded credit to be eligible for Dean’s List consideration. Students who receive the highest grade in each course receive letters notifying them of that. Other awards are presented by various legal publishers. Students who win such awards are notified by letter of their honors.

First-Year Grades

Grades in first-year courses are released to students only after grades have been submitted by all faculty members teaching first-year courses. Following the fall semester, first-year students are told the grade point averages necessary to rank in the top 10%, 25%, 33 1/3%, 50%, 66 2/3%, and 75% of the class. Following the spring semester, full-time first-year students receive their exact class ranks.

Upper-class Grades

Grades in upper-class courses are released to students as soon as possible after each professor submits them. When all upper-class grades have been received, they are submitted to the University computer center which compiles grade point averages. Full-time second- and third-year students who completed their first-year as full-time students at Creighton University School of Law and who have remained as full-time students for consecutive semesters receive their exact class ranks for each semester and receive their cumulative class ranks following each semester.

AJD Class Rank

At the end of the fall semester, first-year AJD students will receive a percentage ranking (e.g., top 10%, top 25%, etc.) in relation to the traditional first-year students based only on the GPA in first-year classes. For the first-year AJD students, a student rank will be calculated in relation to the traditional second-year students at the end of the spring semester. This method will rank AJD students who have completed approximately three semesters against those traditional students who have completed approximately four semesters, and with whom they will graduate. For the AJD students, all grades earned will be figured in the ranking. The AJD cohort will remain ranked against that same class of traditional students through graduation.    

Students who joined the AJD program following the conclusion of their first year will continue to be ranked against the students with whom they entered law school. These students will typically graduate in August or December preceding the May graduation of their traditional classmates, and will be ranked with the May graduates consistent with how we typically rank students who otherwise graduate in August or December.

Grade Scale

Grades are reported by using a letter grade scale as follows: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, or F. Letter grades are converted to a 4.0 point scale for purposes of calculating students’ grade point averages as set forth in the academic rules.

Part-Time Students

Part-time students are given an indication of which percentage of a class they can ”rank” themselves with according to the following guidelines. Part-time students are not given a class “rank” until they have completed at least 34 hours of course work. Part-time students are given “ranks” in increments of ten percentage points, i.e., top 10%, top 20%, etc. They are not given a specific rank, i.e., 23/157. Part-time students are given cumulative “ranks” based on a comparison with full-time students who have earned equivalent hours as follows: Part-time students who have earned 35-64 hours are compared with the current second-year class of full-time students; part-time students who have earned 65-94 hours are compared with the current third-year students. Full-time students are not bumped from a ranking because a part-time student falls within their percentile.

Special Students

Other special students, those who did not complete their first-year as full-time students at Creighton University School of Law or who have not remained as full-time students for consecutive semesters, receive their exact class ranks for each semester that they are enrolled as full-time students and are not enrolled in any first-year courses. They never receive a cumulative class rank, but are given comparisons like part-time students (see above) for their cumulative grade point averages.