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Need to fulfill your Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements? Creighton University School of Law provides numerous seminars throughout the academic year. Your next opportunities are:

Upcoming CLE:

Trademark and Copyright Law Basics

Date: Friday, September 16, 2016
Time: 9-11am
Location: Harper Center, Room 3027
Speaker: Professor Craig W. Dallon
Cost: Free to alumni
Registration: Register here
Credit: CLE credit in both Nebraska and Iowa is 2 credit hours

Description: In the first hour, this continuing legal education seminar will discuss the basic principles of trademark law, including: the legal requirements for trademark protection and registration; the registration process and challenging a registered  trademark; the elements of trademark infringement actions and available remedies. The seminar will discuss both common law trademark theories and federal trademark registration under the Lanham Act. 

In the second hour, the seminar will discuss the basic principles of copyright law, including protectable subject matter and requirements for protection, the process for registration, the elements of copyright infringement and defenses, and the scope of rights  afforded by copyright protection. 

The seminar will highlight a number of recent developments in trademark and copyright law. The seminar will discuss the pending case involving a challenge to various NFL Washington Redskins trademark registrations for the “Redskins” mark, as well as the pending case involving the initial refusal to register the trademark “The Slants” for an Asian-American rock group. It will also discuss the recent case invalidating the alleged copyright in the song “Happy Birthday.”