Michael Fenner
Michael Fenner
Professor Emeritus

From 1969-1972 Professor Fenner was a trial attorney in the Honors Law Graduate Program with the United States Department of Justice. In 1970, he received the U.S. Department of Justice Special Achievement Award. He joined the Creighton School of Law faculty in 1972.

Professor Fenner is past President of the Nebraska State Bar Association. He is a member of the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Practice and Procedure and the House of Delegates of the Nebraska Bar Association, and past chairperson of the Evidence section of the Association of American Law Schools. Professor Fenner received the Nebraska State Bar Foundations 1992 Shining Light award. He is a frequent speaker at continuing education programs for lawyers, judges, and their support staffs. In addition to the authoring of numerous articles, he has also published a number of pieces of “editorial whimsy” in a variety of popular papers and magazines. As Reporter for the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Practice and Procedure, Professor Fenner has primary responsibility for Nebraska’s pattern jury instructions for civil trials, NJI2d Civ., and is the author of the annual supplements to NJI2d Civ. (West). Professor Fenner retired in 2019.

  • B.A. (1965), Kansas University
  • J.D. (1969), University of Missouri-Kansas City
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