Catherine M. Mahern, JD
Catherine M. Mahern, JD

Catherine M. Mahern, JD

Associate Professor Emeritus
Endowed Chair, Connie Kearney Endowed Chair in Clinical Legal Education -
Director, Abrahams Legal Clinic -
School of Law

Academic Appointments


  • Law


  • Associate Professor Emeritus


Before joining the Creighton law faculty Professor Mahern was the Director of the Elder Law Clinic at Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas from 1985-1992. Prior to becoming involved in clinical education she was a legal services attorney in Texas from 1983-1985, specializing in consumer law and in Indiana from 1980-1982, specializing in family law. She has published articles on legal problems of the elderly in the Texas Bar Journal. She directs and teaches the Creighton University School of Law Abrahams Legal Clinic. Professor Mahern is unable to answer legal questions.

Publications and Presentations


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