Kelly K. Dineen, RN, JD, PhD
Kelly K. Dineen, RN, JD, PhD

Kelly K. Dineen, RN, JD, PhD

Associate Professor
Director, Health Law Program
School of Law

Academic Appointments


  • Law


  • Associate Professor

Secondary Appointment

  • Medical Humanities

Teaching Activity

  • Health Law Survey, Bioethics and the Law, Torts, Drug and Device Law and Policy


Kelly K. Dineen is the director of the health law program at Creighton University School of Law and an Assistant Professor of Law. She holds a PhD, with distinction, in health care ethics from Saint Louis University, as well as a JD, with a concentration in health care law. Professor Dineen practiced nursing for over a decade before attending law school, first in a neurosurgical and abdominal transplant intensive care unit and then in a functional neurosurgery practice primarily caring for patients with movement disorders and high impact chronic pain. After law school, Professor Dineen practiced health care law, representing providers and organizations in matters ranging from administrative appeals to licensure issues to fraud and abuse concerns. In academia, she served as the Assistant Director for the nation's top health law program at Saint Louis University. She also served as the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at Saint Louis University School of Law as well as a faculty member in health law and ethics, teaching bioethics and the law and drug and device law. Professor Dineen has served on multiple hospital ethics committees, Institutional Review Boards, and Conflicts of Interest in Research committees. Her research is highly interdisciplinary and focuses on the impact of decision making by law makers, policy makers, and providers on health care quality.  Currently she is working on issues around opioid and drug policy as well as the impact of decision making on patients with highly stigmatized conditions; especially pain, substance use disorder (addiction), and serious mental illness. Her work has been published in leading health law journals, such as the American Journal of Law & Medicine, the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, and the Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy. Professor Dineen has been quoted by media outlets, including the Washington Post, the Associated, and NPR. A more complete listing of her scholarship, teaching, and research interests can be found on her Curriculum Vitae.

Publications and Presentations


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Editing and Reviews

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Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Health law and regulation; bioethics (including end of life and reproductive issues); opioids, pain, addiction; life sciences law (drug, device, and biotechnology regulation, including clinical research compliance); health care professional regulation and discipline; professionalism; neuroscience and the law; medical business ethics (including fraud and abuse and conflict of interest issues)


Current Research Projects

  • Health care provider decision making and professionalism; health inequities; the impact of decisions by regulators, policymakers, and providers on socially disenfranchised and stigmatized groups (including individuals with chronic pain, addiction/substance use disorders, serious mental illness, and suicidality); legal regulation of health care providers; opioid policy and drug policy generally.

Awards and Honors

  • Oral and Written Dissertation Awarded with Distinction, Saint Louis University , 2015
  • Legal Scholar, Women's Justice Awards, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, 2013
  • Leadership Award, Saint Louis University Women's Commission, 2011
  • Nominee-University Faculty Member of the Year, Saint Louis University, 2007
  • Team Coach, National Health Law Moot Court Champions, American Society for Legal Medicine, 2006