Victoria J. Haneman, JD, LLM
Victoria J. Haneman, JD, LLM

Victoria J. Haneman, JD, LLM

Endowed Professorship, Frank J. Kellegher Professor of Trusts & Estates
School of Law

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Professor Haneman is the Frank J. Kellegher Professor of Trusts & Estates at Creighton University School of Law.  She teaches courses addressing various aspects of taxation, wills, trusts and estates, and business associations.  Prior to coming to Creighton, she was awarded the Student Bar Association Professor of the Year Award at both the University of La Verne College of Law and California Western School of Law.  Professor Haneman also visited the William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2012 to 2013). 
Professor Haneman co-authored the book Making Tax Law (Carolina Academic Press) with Daniel M. Berman, formerly the Director of the Graduate Tax Program at Boston University School of Law.  She has also published more than twenty law review articles, essays, and/or book chapters in journals that include Harvard Journal on Legislation, Virginia Tax Review, Wake Forest Law Review, University of Richmond Law Review, Oklahoma Law Review, Nevada Law Journal, and Columbia Journal of Gender and the Law.  Professor Haneman serves as Secretary for the Association of American Law School (AALS) Trusts and Estates Section, Secretary for the AALS Section on Women in Legal Education, and on the Board of Directors for ClassCrits.  She is licensed to practice law in the state of California.   
Professor Haneman is a regularly engaged expert by media including PBS NewsHourNational Public RadioThe New York Times, Wired, and Forbes.  Professor Haneman’s recent scholarship focuses on taxation, the death services industry, and student loan debt.  She has a particular interest in industry disruption, emerging markets, and women and the law.  

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Publications and Presentations


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