For a legal education that starts with accomplished students—like you.

At Creighton University School of Law, you’ll receive a purposeful, practical legal education—rooted in academic excellence and a commitment to the greater good. The first step to pursuing your law degree at Creighton is to apply online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) and we have a Non-Discrimination Policy.

Degree Programs

Creighton offers three ways to earn your Juris Doctor, or J.D., the degree you’ll need to practice law in the United States:

J.D. Program —our traditional three-year, full-time program
Accelerated J.D. Program—earn your J.D. in two years versus three
Part-Time J.D. Program—for busy adult learners


No matter which path you choose to pursue your J.D. at Creighton School of Law, you’ll need to:

  1. Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT): The LSAT is administered in June, September/October, December and February at centers throughout the country and abroad. Take the LSAT as early as possible and no later than the February prior to the August in which you want to enter law school. The test is administered through LSAC.
  2. Apply online to Creighton School of Law through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) or fill out the 2017 Paper Application.
  3. Register for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service, obtain an LSAC account number, and request letters of recommendation and all undergraduate and graduate transcripts be sent to LSAC.
  4. Submit two letters of recommendation: We prefer that one of your letters be from a college professor. We recommend you submit your letters through LSAC (see above).
  5. Submit a personal statement and resume: Your personal statement should speak to factors in your background that indicate your potential success as a Creighton law student, such as your motivation to study law, your work experience, special interests, honors, community involvement or personal hardships. You may also include why your GPA and LSAT scores may not indicate your ability to succeed in law school.

Beyond the LSAT

While your Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score and undergraduate grade point average are heavily weighted, the Admissions Committee at Creighton School of Law will also consider your motivation, character and capability demonstrated by

  • Courses completed
  • Grade patterns
  • Extracurricular and community involvement
  • Honors
  • Work experience
  • Military achievements
  • Graduate studies
  • Adjustment to individual hardship


The application fee is $50. If you apply through LSAC, the fee will be waived until March 1.


For next year’s entering class: Beginning September 1, and no later than July 1, you may submit your application to be considered for the next year’s entering class


The Admissions Committee will begin considering applications in October and notify you as soon as a decision is made. The Committee may defer making a final decision until later in the admissions process, placing you on the Hold List or Alternate List. Filing your application early does not guarantee an early decision.