3-3 Applicants

Options that lead to incredible futures.

Creighton University School of Law is known for its purposeful, practical yet innovative legal education. All of those words apply to Creighton University as well. The two powerhouses have come together to provide you with an exceptional opportunity: Our 3-3 Program, one of the few such programs in the country. Through it you can earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years instead of seven. You’ll save time—and money.

How 3-3 Works

You’ll spend your first three years at Creighton University in the Heider College of Business or the College of Arts and Sciences. There, you’ll follow a specific 3-3 curriculum for your major. In your junior year, you’ll apply to Creighton School of Law, following the same application process as regular law school applicants. If accepted, you’ll forgo your senior year and start law school. Once you successfully complete your first year of law school with grades of “C” or better, you’ll earn your bachelor’s degree. Two years later, your JD.