Alternate List

When you apply to Creighton University School of Law, the Admissions Committee may choose to offer you a seat on our Alternate List, also called the Wait List, instead of accepting or denying your application. We’ll begin offering this option via e-mail in mid-April. To be added to the Alternate List, lawadmit [at] creighton [dot] edu (email our Admissions Office) and confirm your interest in Creighton.

How it Works

If seats open in our entering class, our Admissions Committee will review the Alternate List. Our alternates are not ranked so your application will be considered equally with others on the list. If your status on the Alternate List changes, our Admissions Office will notify you. The list is active through the first day of fall semester classes. The number of applicants admitted to the law school from the list varies from year to year.

Additional Materials

If you are on the Alternate List, you are welcome, but not required, to submit:

  • Additional letters of recommendation
  • A statement of your continued interest in Creighton School of Law
  • An addendum highlighting awards, activities and/or work experience achieved since you first submitted your application
  • Updated transcripts if new grades have been received

You may lawadmit [at] creighton [dot] edu (submit materials via email) or send a hard copy directly to the law school.


If you are on the Alternate List, we invite you to visit the Creighton University School of Law. You can meet with our admissions team, tour the law school, and meet with current students. Your visit will not, however, include an interview with the Admissions Committee.