Creighton Scholars Program

About the Program

The Creighton Scholars Program is for academically exceptional applicants who have researched their law school options and are certain they want to attend Creighton University School of Law. It is a binding program; applicants are free to apply to other schools, but if admitted under the Creighton Scholars Program must immediately withdraw all other applications to other schools and not initiate any new applications. 

Applicants interested in the Creighton Scholars Program should have a superior academic record (both LSAT and GPA) and demonstrated leadership potential and/or significant volunteer and extracurricular experiences.  

Benefits of the Program

  • Full-tuition and fees scholarship for all three years, provided the student remains in good standing
  • Invitations to special events
  • Opportunity to meet with featured speakers
  • Opportunity to shadow and/or be a mentee of one of our notable alumni

Upon Acceptance

If you are accepted to the Creighton Scholars Program, you must:

  • Accept the offer of admission;
  • Meet all commitment requirements with CU;
  • Immediately withdraw all other current or pending applications and not start an application at any other law school(s); and
  • Submit a signed Letter of Intent (Binding Scholars Admissions Contract).

Deadlines and Process

To be considered timely, an applicant for the Creighton Scholars Program (Binding) must:

Applicants to the Creighton Scholars Program will receive a decision (admit, deny, or hold) within 10 business days of application completion. An applicant that is put on hold will move into the regular admissions process and is not bound to attend Creighton School of Law, if admitted.