Abrahams Clinic to be Remodeled
Abrahams Clinic to be Remodeled

Abrahams Clinic to be Remodeled

The Creighton School of Law’s Milton R. Abrahams Legal Clinic will be remodeled this summer. The remodeling will increase the number of offices from three to four; add rooms for conferences and interviews; and increase the size of the student work area.

“Students will no longer need to compete for client interview space, and the design of the student work area will provide a quieter area in which students can work,” said Catherine Mahern, the Connie Kearney Endowed Chair in Clinical Legal Education and director of the clinic. “Additionally, we will be able to hold depositions in the clinic without displacing someone from an office, as is currently required.”

Since its opening in January 1993, the Abrahams Clinic has grown from a single lawyer in a general civil practice to four lawyers and a varied practice. In addition to a general civil practitioner, the clinic also has a Domestic Violence Project attorney and a Housing Law Project attorney.

Support for this renovation has come from a variety of sources, including the Hon. Robert Pratt, JD’72, and his wife, Mrs. Rose Mary Pratt; the Lozier Foundation; and Mrs. Phyllis and Dr. Keith MacAdam, the daughter and son-in-law of Mr. Milt Abrahams, Arts’25, Law’27. The remodel is part of the second phase of a three-phase $3.4 million capital improvement project for the Ahmanson Law Center building.