Immigration Law: For those who stand with the marginalized
Immigration Law: For those who stand with the marginalized

“In the face of attitudes hostile to these displaced persons, our faith invites the Society to promote everywhere a more generous culture of hospitality.” — 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, Decree 1 (Nov. 2016)

Creighton University School of Law offers you a purposeful education – one established on academic excellence, social justice and personal growth. One that will lead you to find your place in the world, and help you discover what is uniquely yours to do. 

For students who wish to pursue a path that intersects with immigration law, Creighton provides a number of compelling offerings and resident expertise. Apply today or read on.


A component of Creighton’s International & Comparative Law JD certificate, the Immigration Law course (LAW 370) explores the history of United States immigration legislation from the Alien and Sedition Acts to the present, with an emphasis on current law as found in the Immigration and Nationality Act. Coverage includes immigrant and non-immigrant visas, including visas based on employment, refugee and political asylum; excludable classes; entry procedures; deportable classes; the removal process; and naturalization. Professor: David P. Weber, JD


Consistent with the Jesuit Order’s call to action, the Creighton Immigration and Refugee Clinic opened  its doors in the fall of 2017. Operated in collaboration with the non-profit legal aid organization Immigrant Legal Center, the clinic allows law students to represent clients under attorney supervision who are seeking legal assistance with their immigration or refugee status under U.S. federal law. Not only does this unique opportunity  cement the School of Law’s already strong relationship to the local community and create a new, dynamic partnership, but also develops essential lawyering skills of students including case management, client counseling, advocacy and drafting. The types of  cases that the students could work on would include requests for asylum, special immigrant juvenile status, work authorization, naturalizations and/or appellate advocacy on a wide range of immigration-related issues, among others. Moreover, there may be unique  opportunities for collaboration between the clinics in cases such as those involving special immigrant juvenile status where state court orders of guardianship or custody are required.

Externship Opportunities

You don’t become an exceptional lawyer simply by reading. You become one by doing. By learning at the elbow of those who have come before you. One way you’ll do that at Creighton University School of Law is through externships, and a number of our externship opportunities are tied to the field of immigration law. From Immigration Customs Enforcement, to the outreach ministry Justice for Our Neighbors, to the U.S. Immigration Court itself, Creighton externships expose you to substantive areas of immigration law and regulations regarding removal, asylum, waivers, citizenship, family-based petitions and more – and how they are applied in actual cases.

Scholars and Research

Creighton University School of Law features faculty members who are exceptional scholars and gifted teachers. Foremost among our resident experts in immigration law is David P. Weber, JD. A law professor, and also the senior associate dean for academic affairs, Weber serves as the board vice president of the Heartland Workers’ Center (Centro Laboral) and engages in pro bono immigration work with Catholic Charities, among other organizations. Weber’s work has appeared in many notable journals, including the Marquette Law Review, The American Bankruptcy Law Journal, the Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal and the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal. His work has been cited by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, American Law Reports (ALR), and American Jurisprudence (Am.Jur.).

If you stand with the marginalized and want to be ready for a career in the ever-changing globalized legal marketplace – and impact laws and policies affecting human rights – Creighton School of Law is ideal for you.