Law School Adds Chaplain and Weekly Mass
Law School Adds Chaplain and Weekly Mass

Creighton Law School welcomes the Rev. Philip Amidon, SJ, DPhil, and Gladyce Janky, MA’13. While the two are new to the law school, neither is new to Creighton.

Amidon came to Creighton in 1981 and has served in pastoral ministry at St. John’s Church, as well as being a former adjunct assistant professor of theology and a chaplain in the resident halls. He also previously served as chaplain of the law school from 1995-2005.

Though officially retired, Amidon is now celebrating weekly Mass at noon on Thursdays in room 235 and will continue to do so for the remainder of the academic year.  

Janky is the law school’s chaplain, offering counseling services and pastoral care. She is trained in the Ignatian tradition and will be splitting her time between the law and graduate schools. Her office is located in room 235 where she will be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Janky previously was one of two chaplains for the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (SPAHP). Her chaplain experience also includes working in hospital and hospice settings.

Prior to becoming a graduate student and later an employee at Creighton, Janky spent a considerable amount of time in the accounting profession.

“My transition to full-time ministry started in 2003 and continued through 2013 when I completed a residency in clinical pastoral education while finishing my MA in ministry through the Creighton Christian spirituality program. I chose to change the trajectory of my life because I felt a deep sense of call to do more with my life,” Janky said. “As a result, I have found a  deeper sense of self by serving others,” she added.

“I look at my role as being a companion for whatever a person is experiencing, be it joyful or stressful.Wherever they are, I am here to help by listening and accompanying them,” Janky said. “I personally understand how challenging it can be to balance life while pursuing a professional degree and am looking forward to meeting and engaging with students in the spring semester.”

Amidon also said that he hopes students realize that “any Jesuit associated with St. John’s or Campus Ministry is available – we’re here for the student body in general.”

Janky and her husband, Dave, have lived in Omaha since 1999. They have two adult children and are members of St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church.

Amidon was born in Chicago and grew up in Iowa. His first stint at Creighton lasted until 1989, when he was assigned to Jesuit headquarters in Rome. He returned to Creighton in 1994 and has been back ever since.

“Omaha feels very much like home to me,” he said.

Interim dean Michael Kelly, JD, LLM, said that bringing Amidon and Janky to the law school couldn’t have happened without the support of Campus Ministry.

“Having them here means we are now in a position to provide more complete pastoral care to our students, faculty and staff. Not only are these two individuals an important part of our community, they are a visible reminder of our mission-driven focus and a welcome addition to the law school family,” he said.