Legal Clinic’s New Look
Legal Clinic’s New Look

The Milton R. Abrahams Legal Clinic, the civil practice clinic at Creighton University’s School of Law, has a brand new look and feel. From May to August 2016, the clinic underwent $195,000 worth of renovations. The renovations were paid for by two private philanthropists, as well as a donation by the Lozier Foundation.

The renovations were the first to occur at the clinic since it opened its doors about 25 years ago. The original clinic was also once home to an apartment that was primarily used for visiting academics. It also once had a famous guest – former President Jimmy Carter.

“Other than President Carter, I don’t know of any other [famous] people. I myself slept in the same bed as the president had when I interviewed [for a faculty position] here,” said Catherine Mahern, professor and clinic director.

The legal clinic now features four attorney’s offices, an interview room, a conference room, an expanded student work area, a small kitchenette, a storage room and a restroom.

“Our clients are impressed with the changes and the open, sunny feeling to the place. Prior to the renovation our one client interview room had no windows,” Mahern said. “Now every room in the clinic either has a window or glass walls that allow natural light into the space. Everything is far more suitable to our use.”