Peklo picks up pace
Peklo picks up pace

Creighton law student Emily Peklo is on track to complete her undergraduate and law degrees in just five years. How is she able to do this? By participating in Creighton’s 3+3 program and the Accelerated Juris Doctor (AJD) program.

The 3+3 program allows Creighton students to finish an undergraduate degree and a JD in six years, and the AJD program offers a two-year course of study. Peklo is participating in both programs. After graduating in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a minor in psychology, she began her two-year law school journey this summer in the fast-paced AJD program.

While an undergraduate at Creighton, Peklo participated on the mock trial team. “I joined the mock trial team when I was a freshman and it really cemented my interest in law,” says Peklo, who also participated on the trial team her sophomore and junior years. “My favorite part of trial team was opening. Standing up in front of everyone and telling our side of the story is the first communication you have with the court where we shared, ‘This is why we’re right, and we’re going to show you why we’re right later.’”

Through shadowing experiences with lawyers during her undergraduate years, Peklo discovered that juvenile law is where she wants to focus.

 “I really want to go into juvenile law. Throughout my three years of undergrad, I shadowed a couple of lawyers trying to figure out what area I liked best. There are a lot of kids who are not given the help they need,” says Peklo.