Recent Faculty Publications: May 2020
Recent Faculty Publications: May 2020

School of Law Professor, Victoria Haneman recently published a paper “Tax Incentives for Green Burial” that was listed on SSRN’s Top Ten Download List for Environmental and Natural Resources Law ejournals.

Haneman’s article explores modern disconnection from death, the transitioning of human remains in an environmentally friendly manner, the importance of pre-need or pre-death planning and prepayment to protect the grieving consumer, and the way in which tax incentives may be utilized to weave these ideas together in a cohesive plan for a green tax credit.

To download and read the paper, click here

Professor Patrick Borchers wrote an article for the Creighton Law Review 2020 Edition.  The article titled “Nebraska Choice of Law: An Updated Synthesis” provides an update on his 2005 article  covering the Nebraska choice-of-law principles into black-letter, restatement-like rules.  Borcher’s article can be viewed here

Kendra Fershee was recently published in the Family Law Quarterly- Spring 2018.  Fershee submitted an “Annual Survey of Periodical Literature”.  In the article, she highlights the variety and depth of family law research produced during 2017 and 2018, and discusses current debated hot topics. Fershee’s article can be viewed here