Organizational Leadership (Master of Science)

Master the skills you need to be a leader.

Advance your leadership skills and position yourself for new opportunities with a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership online degree from Creighton University.

What does it mean to be a leader? For starters, it’s much more than an extra word or two on your business card. It’s a commitment to make thoughtful decisions, handle adversity, understand and manage organizational challenges, collaborate with others and promote change – all for the greater good. This master’s program can help you develop the skills you need to inspire and navigate positive change in your workplace and community.

You won’t have to wait long to start applying your knowledge. Skills and techniques can be taken straight from the classroom and implemented in your organization while you’re still learning. Your new skillset will also enable you to promote meaningful relationships in the workplace.

A degree that fits your career goals and your schedule.

A hectic schedule doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing your master’s degree. Creighton University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership can be completed entirely online. The program can also be tailored to fit your career goals with available concentrations in business, healthcare and organizational leadership.

The master’s degree requires 18 credit hours from program core courses and 18 credit hours from elective courses. You can get even more value out of your educational journey by completing coursework toward a graduate certificate as part of your elective requirements. See the Curriculum section below for details on which certificate programs qualify.

A degree with perspective.

Creighton University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership lives within the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. The curriculum is developed by faculty from varying backgrounds including business, health, education, law, and arts and sciences. You’ll be immersed in a network of classmates with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and vantage points. This interdisciplinary approach allows for classmates and faculty to exchange insights into their respective industries and professional experiences while you share your own. The program’s broad foundation will enhance your leadership skills and prepare you to succeed in a number of fields.



To earn the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree at Creighton University, you must complete 36 credits:

  • 18 credits in Program Core Courses
    • The core coursework required for the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership Degree teach the fundamentals behind leadership, communication, and management best practices.
      • MSL 600 – Leadership Theory, Application and Reflection
      • GRD 601 – Writing for Graduate Students
      • MSL 601 – Strategic Orienteering and Execution Tactics
      • MSL 602 – Communicating and Leading Across Cultures
      • MSL 603 – Innovation and Adaptive Change
      • MSL 604 – Approaches to Human Capital
      • MSL 790 – Leadership Capstone
  • 18 credits in Electives
    • Students must complete 18 credits in elective courses in various fields.
    • Credits can be earned through concentrations or through coursework in various programs. Concentrations in the following areas can be completed for 12 credits:
      • Business
      • Healthcare
      • Organizational Leadership
      • Alongside a concentration, electives can be taken to fulfill the remaining six credits needed for the certificate
    • In certain programs, students can complete courses to earn a graduate certificate in another field of study as part of the electives requirement. Though not required, certificates may be earned in these fields as part of the electives requirement:
    • Availability varies by semester.

Goals of the program along with a full course listing can be found in Creighton’s course catalog.


Student Organizations

  • Graduate Student Government

    The Graduate Student Government (GSG) considers concerns and interests of graduate students and makes recommendations to the Graduate School administration and the University.

    The GSG also provides a fair and functional rebate system that allocates student rebates to graduate students. Funds may be used for GSG-sponsored events that enhance the graduate school community, or may be dispersed to students to pursue academic endeavors.

Admissions Requirements

The requirements listed below apply to the Master of Organizational Leadership program only. Applications must be submitted by August 1st for fall classes and by December 1st for spring classes.

  1. Two years full-time work or leadership experience*
  2. Minimum undergraduate 3.0 GPA*
  3. Resume
  4. Completed application (requires non-refundable $50 fee)
    1. Two letters of recommendation from persons other than family members who can speak to your leadership background and aptitude
    2. Personal statement of 500 words focusing on why you’re interested in graduate study in leadership, why this particular program at Creighton is appealing, and what qualities and experiences you have that will help you be successful at graduate study.
    3. A personal interview or additional background information may be requested.
  5. International applicants must meet English language proficiency requirements
  6. International applicants who are formally admitted must complete and submit a Certification of Available Finances Form through the Global Engagement Office

A program admissions committee will determine an applicant’s admission eligibility after weighing the application, background, leadership experience, interest, and promise of the prospective student.

Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition and Fees
Financial Aid
Scholarships offered by the University
Scholarships offered by third parties

For questions about financial aid, contact:
gpfinaid [at] creighton [dot] edu

Certificate and Dual Degree Options


Credits earned for a certificate can be applied toward a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree.

  • Certificate in Organizational Leadership (15 credits)
    • The courses required for the Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership serve as the foundation for the master’s degree. Learn the fundamentals behind leadership, communication and management best practices.
    • Available online.

A full listing of courses offered for the Certificate in Organizational Leadership can be found in the course catalog.

Dual Degree Programs


Important Dates & Deadlines

Start Classes in Apply By
August August 1
January December 1